Tabor College of Higher Education

  • Introduction

    Why study at Tabor? There are three key commitments which we hold to at Tabor and which may help your thinking.

    Academic excellence
    We are a relatively small institution when compared to the major universities. This does not, however, mean that we do not share their commitment to academic excellence. All of our programs go through a rigorous assessment process before being accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency. As with the major universities all of our programs are reviewed regularly by an Academic Board which includes independent members from various Australian universities. Added to this, two annual, national surveys (the Australian Graduate Survey and the Australasian Survey of Student engagement) consistently rate Tabor amongst the highest performing institutions in terms of overall student satisfaction.

    Authentic community
    As a relatively small institution we are able to offer genuine learning community. At Tabor, whether you study on campus or online, you will have personal contact and ready access to your lecturers and tutors. Smaller class sizes and overall student numbers mean that teaching staff know who you are and can take a personal interest in your academic progress. We are big enough to provide the resources required for high quality education but small enough to offer personal academic direction and care. We believe that this makes for more effective learning and a better experience of student life.

    A multi-denominational Christian ethos
    It's well recognised that all learning takes place within a certain framework of belief. It may take place from the perspective of a secular worldview or some other perspective. At Tabor our teaching and learning is underpinned by a shared faith in Jesus Christ. This is not to say that we are dogmatic - our faith is a sure faith but not a closed faith! Tabor is, at the same time, a place of robust enquiry and transformational Christian learning. The explicitly multi-denominational nature of Tabor means that our community is enriched both by the insights that flow from the great Christian traditions and the vitality that flows from more contemporary expressions of Christian faith. It's a great community in which to explore faith and its implications for your future profession.

    Tabor offers the support and encouragement of a diverse and caring multidenominational Christian community with integrated academic, spiritual and practical education and training - a balance of 'head, heart and hand'. With a range of disciplines to choose from, including Theology, Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Counselling and Youth Work, at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, and access to Austudy, Abstudy, Youth Allowance and FEE-HELP, Tabor has something for you!
  • Campuses

    In Western Australia, Tabor's campus is located at 45 Berkshire Rd, Forrestfield. In addition to the WA campus, Tabor also has a campus in Adelaide and a Teaching Centre in Geelong.

    Our Forrestfield campus, located in the Perth foothills, has easy access to the airport and main freeway, leading into the city. The grounds have plenty of open space, where students are able to come together for classes, lunches or chapel times. We also have a new cafe which serves great coffee and a good variety of meals. Our library offers a great space for study and can be accessed seven days a week by our students. The layout of our classrooms and administration building make it easy for students to find who or what they need quickly and, of course, our staff are always willing to help should that be necessary. The Forrestfield campus is open, friendly and designed to enhance both the community of the college and learning experience for everyone.
  • Admission

    There are a number of ways you can gain entry into a Tabor degree. For recent school leavers, the principal means is by achieving the required Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR/Selection Rank) or its interstate equivalent. The admissions ATAR for Tabor degrees ranges from 60 to 65, depending on the degree. Other standard selection criteria include the STAT test, a completed Vocational Education and Training award (Cert IV or higher) or a partially completed Higher Education award. Applicants who do not meet the standard selection criteria may still be able to gain admission by demonstrating at an interview both the passion and the potential to succeed in their studies.
  • Further information

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