Early Offers for Year 12 students

  • Which courses are available for early offers?

    Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and The University of Western Australia are participating in early offers for 2020 admission, for selected courses. Check whether the course you are applying for is included by visiting the Curtin, ECU, Murdoch and UWA early offers pages.
  • How do I get an early offer?

    You must apply through TISC by 30 September 2019, and follow the instructions on the Curtin, ECU, Murdoch and UWA early offers pages. You will be required to upload documentation to the universities, but each university has different requirements so you should check carefully before submitting. Remember, this is separate to your TISC application.

    TISC does not issue the early offers, they are issued directly by the universities and they are conditional. That means you will still need your TISC offer from the December or January offer round in order to enrol at university.
  • Who is eligible for early offers?

    The early offers are designed for current Year 12 students. See the universities' websites for more information on eligibility criteria.

    If you are not a current Year 12 student, you may be eligible for a Pre-December offer through TISC instead.
  • What happens if I don't meet the conditions in the offer?

    As the offer is conditional, if you do not meet the conditions you may not receive a TISC offer in this course. You will still be considered for other courses in your preference list on an equal basis with any other applicant.
  • Do I have to accept the offer?

    No. Any action you take in regard to this early offer will not affect your eligibility for a TISC offer in the December or January round of offers.
  • What happens if I accept an early offer and change my mind? Or get offered a higher preference in the TISC December offer round?

    You are free to change your mind even if you have accepted an early offer. You can change your TISC preferences or even remove the offered course from your preference list altogether, subject to TISC's closing dates. In the December offer round, through TISC you will be offered the highest preference that you are eligbile for, regardless of any early offer you may have accepted.
  • Does getting an early offer improve my chances of getting into a course?

    No. As early offers are conditional, you still need to meet the entry requirements for the course for the offer to be confirmed in December.
  • Am I disadvantaged if I don’t get an early offer?

    No. Early offers do not affect the usual TISC assessment and offer process at all. You will not be disadvantaged at all if you don’t have an early offer.
  • Can I have multiple early offers?

    If you wish to be considered for another early offer, you can change your preferences, and apply for a new early offer for your first preference.

    In the TISC December round of offers, you get one formal offer. This will be for the highest of your preferences where you meet the entry requirements and where there are places available in the course. This will happen regardless of whether you have one or more early offers. If you want to take up one of your early offers, have that course as your first preference by 20 December.

    Remember, your preference order should always reflect what you most want to study at university.
  • I still have questions! Who can help me?

    Check the FAQs on Curtin's, ECU's, Murdoch's and UWA's early offer pages. If you still have questions, contact the universities directly on the contact details listed there.