Help Videos

A message for Year 12 students
This is an unusual year. TISC's Executive Officer, Wayne Betts, explains how TISC is working with universities, SCSA and other bodies to make sure your transition to university study is going to be OK.

The ATAR (2020)
What is the ATAR? What does it mean? What impact will COVID-19 have on it this year? Here's some information and advice you might find helpful.

Calculating the ATAR
How does TISC calculate the ATAR? What happens to the calculation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic?

Entry Requirements - ATAR students
An overview of the basics you need for entry to degree studies as an ATAR student.

Entry Requirements - Year 12 VET students
For those of you doing vocation study (eg Certificate IV) in year 12, here's a brief look at the requirements you need to meet to gain entry to uni degrees.

Entry Requirements - IB students
If you're doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma, here's a summary of the entry requirements you need to satisfy to enter degree courses at TISC's member universities.