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  • Introduction

    The UWA difference
    As WA's only top 100 university (QS 2019), we pave the way in creating graduates who are independent, critical thinkers, ready to own their decisions and forge their path in a changing work environment.

    Our course model
    We took up an innovative curriculum in 2012 to respond to changing times ahead and better prepare our graduates for the future of work and long-term employability. Our course model creates professionals who are better prepared for changes within the workforce because of their breadth of knowledge and skills, as well as the industry connections they've made along the way. We celebrate strong partnerships with industries, offering students valuable professional opportunities before and after they graduate.
    • Internationally recognised – Benchmarked against world-leading universities in North America and Europe, our course model means your qualification has greater recognition and will be familiar to international recruiters so you can increase your career opportunities and stand out locally, nationally and internationally with WA’s highest-ranked university on your resume. We’re also a member of the Group of Eight and the Matariki Network of high-quality, research-intensive universities with a focus on student experience.
    • Adaptable to change – Don't have a clear direction yet or worried you may change your mind? At UWA, you can choose to study subjects you're most passionate about and explore other areas at the same time. The best part of this approach is that figuring out what to pursue won't cost you any extra money or take you longer to complete your degree.
    • Breadth – Study a broader selection of subjects so you can personalise your undergraduate degree to suit you. When you're ready, you can achieve a deeper understanding in your subject and master your skills and experience to become a well-rounded, skilled professional at postgraduate level.
    • Qualification – Our course model means you can study one or two majors in just three years and receive the same level of qualification as a double degree. If you decide to specialise further with a postgraduate degree, you will receive a higher qualification than a double degree. In some cases, you may even complete your qualifications faster. (Source: Australian Qualifications Framework).
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  • UWA courses

    Undergraduate Study (Your first degree)
    We offer four three-year undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BBiomedSc), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) and one four-year undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil).

    At UWA, you can use your first year to explore your strengths and interests before selecting your major or majors in second year. Completing two majors during your bachelor's degree means you'll gain skills across multiple areas, giving you more options and the ability to take your career anywhere.

    Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
    The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) is an inspiring and unique course where you can choose any undergraduate major (and a second major, if you wish) from any field of study in Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce or Science. The degree comprises a three-year bachelor’s course and a fourth year of honours. Your study is integrated into a research-intensive course that includes innovative interdisciplinary project work, a scholarship-supported study abroad experience and intensive academic mentoring – all at the highest standards of excellence.

    Postgraduate study (Your second degree)
    If you're looking to take your career to the next level or change direction and learn alongside world-class thought leaders, a postgraduate degree from UWA will prepare you to go further.
  • Direct pathways

    If you have a professional career in mind, a Direct Pathway provides an assured place in one of our postgraduate professional courses. These pathways combine your undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, giving you a clear path to your career of choice.

    There are a limited number of places available in each Direct Pathway and there are separate codes to be used if you wish to apply for a Direct Pathway place via the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours).

    If you're offered a place in a Direct Pathway, you'll be able to elect which major(s) to complete when you accept your offer. If you don't secure a place, don't worry; places in these professional courses will still be available for you to apply for towards the end of your undergraduate degree.

    Postgraduate professional courses
    Outside of our Direct Pathways, we offer a number of routes to careers in the following areas:
    • Agricultural Science
    • Architecture
    • Audiology
    • Clinical Exercise Physiology
    • Dental Medicine
    • Engineering
    • Juris Doctor (Law)
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Medical Physics
    • Medicine
    • Pharmacy
    • Podiatry
    • Psychology
    • Teaching (Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary)
    • Translation Studies
    • Social Work
    • Urban and Regional Planning
    In addition to these, you can choose from almost 200 postgraduate courses, including in these high-growth industries:
    • Biotechnology
    • International Relations
    • Business Analytics (subject to final approval)
    • Environmental Science
    • Business Psychology
    • Biomedical Science
    Diploma in Modern Languages
    The Diploma in Modern Languages provides you with the opportunity to study language units concurrently with a UWA undergraduate degree. Languages available include Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Korean. There are no prerequisites for entry to this course, as all languages can be taken at introductory or intermediate level, and some languages can be studied at the near-native speaker level. Apply for the diploma at the time of enrolling in your degree or after a semester or two of study. A diploma normally adds one year (two semesters) to the duration of your degree.
  • Scholarships and awards

    UWA awards scholarships to help students succeed in their academic journeys and achieve their full potential while undertaking studies at the university. We have scholarships under the following categories:
    • Academic excellence scholarships
    • Leadership scholarships
    • Prestigious scholarships
    • Sporting excellence scholarships
    • Residential scholarships
    • Regional and remote scholarships
    • Equity scholarships
    • Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander scholarships
    UWA scholarships and awards information is sent to senior high schools in Western Australia in August. Check our scholarships website for details:
  • Admission requirements

    We offer many entry pathways for applicants with varying qualifications. A number of factors are taken into consideration within these pathways, such as Year 12 studies, vocational education and training qualifications, tertiary studies, and work experience.

    Applying to UWA
    1. Read the information on this website and the summary of our admission requirements. Take note of the important dates so you don't miss a deadline. If we don't hear from you by a particular date, this may cause some problems but we'll always work with you to find a solution. Be sure to get in touch with us if this occurs.
    2. Consult our Undergraduate Course Guide for more information about our globally recognised courses. Also, check our website for the latest information at
    3. Check you have met the prerequisites or recommended courses for your intended area of study (see individual course entries on the UWA website or Course Search), and that you satisfy the University's English language competence requirement.
    4. If you have any questions at all, contact UWA Admissions at or on 131 UWA (131 892).
    Apply through TISC if you:
    • Are currently completing a secondary education qualification as either a school leaver or as a mature age student;
    • Are applying for one of UWA's Direct Pathway Programs;
    • Are applying for Medical Sciences (Major).
    All other applicants may apply directly to UWA.

    Postgraduate courses including Honours
    Apply for postgraduate courses directly to UWA. See for details.

  • English language competence

    Successful university study demands a high level of English language skills. Many applicants will be able to demonstrate English language competence through satisfactory performance in the required English subjects when they were at school. If you're not able to demonstrate English language competence in this way, then you'll need satisfactory performance in an alternative UWA-approved test of English. A list of approved tests is available at UWA does require all applicants to demonstrate satisfactory English language competence before an offer can be made.
  • Admission Pathways

    At UWA there are a range of admission pathways you can take. Please visit admission-entry-pathways for further information.

    Broadway UWA
    The Broadway scheme allows eligible students from Broadway-identified Western Australian schools to receive an automated ATAR adjustment. Eligible students with an ATAR of 75 to 79.95 will receive an adjusted selection rank of 80 to allow them to receive an offer into the Bachelor of Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce or Science.

    Eligible students with an ATAR of 80 or above will also receive a positively adjusted selection rank. If you're an eligible student, you'll be advised of this in your Universities Admission Advice Letter, which you'll see when you check your WACE results at the end of the year.

    Students who have been adversely affected by certain disadvantages can apply for entry through UWay. This applies to Western Australian Certificate of Education (or equivalent qualification) students, including mature-age WACE students or students with previous tertiary study.

    Fairway UWA is an entry pathway and comprehensive support program for students completing Year 12 under challenging circumstances. The program provides academic, financial and personal support, and it is responsive to individual student needs, throughout their final year of secondary school and during their university studies. Students apply for the Fairway program during Year 11.

    UWA First in Family program
    Students who receive an ATAR of 75-79.95 and will be the first in your family to attend university, may still be eligible for a place at UWA.

    Mature-age access program
    We offer mature-aged people aged 20 years old or more as at 1 March (for Semester 1 entry) or 1 August (for Semester 2 entry), with little or no previous background in tertiary study, the opportunity to commence study on a trial basis. Successful completion of a provisional enrolment program, and satisfaction of course requirements, will enable full enrolment in your degree course with credit for units already passed.

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants
    UWA's School of Indigenous Studies offers a Provisional Entry Scheme to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who do not meet the University's entrance requirements. Places are available for undergraduate courses through the Mature-age Access Program and other pathways, as well as by completing the University's Aboriginal Orientation Course. The Aboriginal Orientation Course is a six- to 12-month bridging course available for applicants who require additional preparation for university studies. Further details and application forms are available from the School of Indigenous Studies at
  • General Information

    Albany Centre
    UWA Albany delivers selected majors in the Bachelor of Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce and Science degrees. A variety of majors are available. Postgraduate programs available include Diploma courses and a Master of Ecotourism by coursework. Postgraduate research opportunities are also available.

    UWA Albany is located at 35 Stirling Terrace close to Albany's CBD. Student accommodation is available opposite the campus. Email by Albany Centre or visit the website.

    Deferred entry
    If you deferred a place at UWA in 2019 and you're now ready to commence your studies, simply re-apply directly to UWA and you’ll be offered a place. If you wish to apply for other courses as well as your deferred course, you can do this also except for Direct Pathways and the Medical Science major where you apply through TISC.

    If you're considering taking a gap year in 2020, you'll find details of the deferral process included with your offer. If you're offered a place and choose to defer, notify the Admissions team of this by the deadline specified on your offer.

    Credit transfer/advanced standing
    UWA awards credit on a case-by-case basis. See Advanced standing/credit transfer.

    External studies
    The University of Western Australia doesn't offer external studies.

    Fees and charges
    See Paying for university study.

    Part-time study
    Part-time study is available for most courses. Please be aware, however, that most classes are conducted during normal business hours.

    Permanent residency
    If you're applying for Direct Pathways to Medicine or a Direct Pathway to Dental Medicine, you must be granted permanent residency by 30 September 2019, the closing date for application to these courses. Applicants for all other courses must be granted Australian permanent resident status by 8 January 2020, the final closing date for application for admission through TISC.

    If you haven't achieved permanent residency by this date, you should apply as an international student for a full-fee place through UWA Admissions.

  • Accomodation

    Guaranteed accomodation offer
    All new UWA students studying fulltime receive a guaranteed accommodation offer to live on campus at a UWA residential college, or off campus. Normal fees and costs apply.

    Residential Colleges
    College life is all about living and learning together. UWA's five residential colleges are opposite the Perth campus and offer valuable dimensions to your study through academic, cultural and sporting activities, networks of support and great social activities. Find out more at

    Live off campus
    Postgraduate and mature-age students might prefer living in the UWA-owned housing, known as Crawley Village, in the streets neighbouring the University.

    In 2019, two new student housing options opened in Perth's CBD and both have been endorsed by UWA.
  • Further information

    Further information on courses at The University of Western Australia is contained in the UWA 2020 Undergraduate Course Guide, available from the University's Admissions Office or Future Students Centre. Additional information can be found in the Undergraduate Handbook.

    Contaact us:

    Telephone: 131 892 (131 UWA) *Select option 3
    Country residents: 1800 653 050
    Online queries:

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