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  • Introduction

    At Murdoch, we believe that creativity powers change. We're dedicated to providing students with the kind of education which helps them to change their worlds, think for themselves, and find new ways to push past the status quo. When you're thinking for yourself, there’s no limit to what you might achieve.

    Murdoch provides everything a global university should, including leading academics, world-changing research, excellent facilities and hands-on learning. But it's our 'free-thinking' ethos that sets us apart.

    The Murdoch experience is one of a kind. You'll find a caring community filled with people from all walks of life. You'll find students, educators, supporters, a friendly face at the coffee shop and a lecturer who wants to hear your ideas.

    Our students are enrolled in over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate courses across a range of disciplines, including Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, IT, Law, Nursing and Science.

    We take a flexible approach to learning, with many admission pathways and online and on-campus study options, to help our students fit study around their work and lifestyle commitments and offer many scholarships to help support you financially.

    Our strong connections with overseas partners, government, industry and the community, gives you the perfect springboard to take part in work placements and collaborate on projects, to build highly valuable skills that you can take out into the world.

    To find the course that's right for you, check out our 2022 undergraduate course guide. Contact our friendly team on 1300 687 3624 or visit

    We look forward to welcoming you into our free-thinking community.
  • Admission Requirements

    Universities have many entry pathways, catering for applicants with varying qualifications, such as Year 12 studies, Vocational Education and Training qualifications, tertiary studies, and work and life experience.

    The University welcomes applications from a variety of education and life experience backgrounds. Also see School Leavers Applicants which further outlines the requirements for applicants.

    Recent secondary education
    The University Admissions 2023 - Admission Requirements for School Leavers outlines the requirements for applicants who have recently (within the past two years) completed secondary education at school, TAFE or other VET or higher education providers. Most undergraduate courses at Murdoch have a minimum Selection Rank of 70.00. Your Selection Rank will include your raw ATAR plus any Murdoch RISE adjustment you may be eligible for.

    Applicants from interstate must have met the requirements for entry to a university in their own State and obtained an ATAR or aggregate which converts to the appropriate ATAR for admission to the course of their choice.

    Applicants from overseas are also welcome to apply to Murdoch University. If you have any doubts about eligibility for admission to the University, contact the Meet Murdoch team on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624).

    Higher Education study
    For most of our undergraduate courses, if you have successfully completed at least two units at an Australian University, a tertiary enabling course at an Australian university or one year of study at another recognised tertiary or higher education provider you will meet entry requirements to apply for admission. Some of our courses have specific entry requirements and higher English competency requirements for entry. Find out the requirements for your course at If you have any other higher education studies, contact the Meet Murdoch team on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624) about your eligibility for admission to the University.

    Vocational Education and Training (VET) study
    If you've completed a TAFE Certificate IV, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma, you're eligible to be considered for admission for most of Murdoch's courses. Please visit for further details on the level of VET qualification that needs to be completed to meet entry for your course.

    Qualifications at Diploma level or higher completed within the last 10 years may make you eligible for some Advanced Standing towards your Murdoch degree. Further information on gaining Advanced Standing can be found at Recognition of prior learning.

    Work and Life experience
    No matter what your circumstances are, you'll find a pathway to study at Murdoch. Visit Admissions Pathways.

    Murdoch RISE
    Murdoch University recognises that not all applicants have the same opportunities to achieve their potential. To support a range of students achieve admission to undergraduate degrees, Murdoch's RISE will adjust the ATAR of eligible students by up to 10.00 to a maximum of Selection Rank of 90.00. Eligibility is determined by WA secondary school codes, WA permanent residence postcode, declared Indigenous status, and whether you are the first in your family to attend university (this is determined by your parents'/guardians' highest level of education). Students need to meet one of the criteria to be eligible for the adjustment. For more information on this program visit the Murdoch RISE website. Alternatively contact the Meet Murdoch team on 1300 687 3624.
  • Competence in English

    You can demonstrate English proficiency by:

    Completing two years of senior school study (Year 11 and 12) in Australia, or completing two years of VET in Australia, or
    • achieving a scaled mark of 50 or higher in ATAR English, Literature or English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) or
    • sitting an English proficiency test, such as the Special Tertiary Admissions Test or
    • successfully completing a university preparation course, English language course (academic) or study at tertiary level.
    Further information can be found at
  • Enabling courses

    OnTrack is a 14 week, pre-university, equity-focused program that enables students who don't qualify for entry through other admission pathways to gain entry into Murdoch University. OnTrack provides an opportunity for you to strengthen your academic skills and understanding of university life and study. Following successful completion of OnTrack, you'll be eligible to be offered a place in most undergraduate degree courses at Murdoch University that have an indicative ATAR of 70.00, commencing the following semester. You apply for OnTrack through TISC.

    FlexiTrack is a free online university preparation course that qualifies you to apply directly for most undergraduate degree courses at Murdoch University that have an minimum ATAR of 70.00. FlexiTrack will give you the tuition you need to boost your academic skills and knowledge to an undergraduate level. You can study intensively over 10 weeks, full-time over 20 weeks, or part-time over 12 months. For more information, visit Apply directly to Murdoch University for entry into FlexiTrack.

    OnTrack Sprint is a four-week intensive program designed to prepare students who have just missed out on the required ATAR for admission to Murdoch University. It provides an admission pathway for students who have completed their WACE Certificate within the previous 18 months, generated a Selection Rank between 60.00-69.95 and have met English competency, or have gained a Selection Rank of 70+ and have not met English competency. Applicants must also be Australian Citizens, permanent residents or humanitarian visa holders. Apply directly to Murdoch University for entry into OnTrack Sprint.

    Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre provides admission pathways to Indigenous people who haven't had an opportunity to complete formal schooling or haven't studied for awhile. The following courses are available:
    • 14-week Indigenous bridging program (K-Track) - apply directly to Murdoch University;
    • Professional education program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Veterinary Studies (Waardong Program).
    For more information, visit

    Portfolio Admission Pathway: Admission through the assessment of a portfolio is available at Murdoch University into a wide range of courses with a guaranteed selection rank of 70.

    If you can demostrate your aptitude and ability via school subjects or extracurricular activity that relates to the course you would like to study, then Portfolio may be the pathway for you. You can apply via TISC or directly to the University. The application form and instructions can be found at Portfolio applicants will also need to demonstrate English competency.

    Pre-Law Admission Pathway course provides an entry opportunity for potential students who have the intellectual capacity and diligence to succeed in the Bachelor of Laws (LLB), but do not have recognised prior learning. Students who complete the course at a credit level (60% or above) will be offered direct entry into the Murdoch LLB program. For fees and admission dates, visit our courses.

    Law Start is a legal aptitude entrance pathway to study Law at Murdoch. This pathway is for students who have excelled at school in one or more ATAR courses with a strong focus on essay writing and communication skills. Applicants will also need to demonstrate their aptitude to study Law by participating in a workshop and completing a written assessment. To find out more visit Law Start.

    Extenuating circumstances. We understand that the intended pathway to university study doesn't always go to plan. For this reason, Murdoch University will consider applications from prospective students whose education has been compromised due to genuine hardship, resulting in them falling short of admission requirements for an undergraduate course. To find out more, visit Admissions Pathways. Also see Educational Access Scheme (EAS).

    Law Graduate Entry Do you already have a degree? Graduates with a recognised Bachelor Degree in any discipline are able to be admitted to the Bachelor of Laws as a graduate-entry student. To find out more visit Law - graduate entry.
  • Applicants with qualifications gained overseas

    If you have overseas qualifications, contact the Meet Murdoch team on 1300 687 3624 to discuss your admission options. You'll also be required to provide satisfactory evidence of your competence in English via an approved examination. If you have qualifications not yet translated into English, contact the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) via
  • Past and current students of Murdoch University

    Apply directly to Murdoch if you:
    • Are a graduate of either Murdoch University or another university and wish to enter Honours (apart from the Bachelor of Engineering Hons - all applicants for this course apply through TISC); or
    • Are a current Murdoch student wanting to transfer to another course (except Veterinary Science) or add a second major, and you aren't graduating after the current semester. Existing Murdoch University students can transfer course via here; or
    • Deferred your offer in 2022 and wish to take up your studies in that course or apply for another Murdoch course in 2023. (If you would like to apply for Nursing or Veterinary Science you should apply through TISC.)

    Apply through TISC if you:
    • Deferred your Murdoch course and now want to apply for a different course at another university;
    • Have been enrolled at Murdoch University in the past, but have not been enrolled in second semester 2020;
    • Are applying for Veterinary Science.
  • General Information

    Selection of courses
    When you list a Murdoch course as a preference, for most courses you're also indicating your major area of study. For most of our courses you can only select one major unless you select one of our combined degrees. Information about adding a second major or minor is available at Personalise your course.

    Some of our courses are available as combined degrees which may enable you to graduate with two undergraduate qualifications. Combined degrees have their own course codes which you can find via the Course Search facility.

    Part-time study
    Most undergraduate classes at Murdoch University are held during normal business hours. Part-time study at Murdoch University doesn't refer to attendance at evening classes. If you're a part-time student, you'll just enrol in fewer units per semester.

    External study
    If a Murdoch course is listed with a method of study of 'E', it means that you can complete the course as an external student (ie you're not required to attend classes on-campus), unless an exception is indicated. External units use a combination of physical and electronic resources to communicate with you during your studies. Where units are available externally, you can enrol in a mix of external and internal units to suit your lifestyle.

    Credit/advanced standing
    See Advanced standing/credit transfer.

    Courses with limited places
    The courses with the most competitive entry at Murdoch are Nursing and Veterinary Science.

    Deferred admission
    If you've been offered a place in an undergraduate degree, you can apply to defer admission for a maximum of two years. If you have been offered a place in an enabling program, you can apply to defer admission for a maximum of one year. Deferred students will receive a new letter of offer closer to the time of preferred intake. Please note that offers for the Bachelor of Nursing cannot be deferred.

    Courses available at the Mandurah campus
    The following course is available at the Mandurah campus:
    • Nursing
    • Ontrack (enabling course)
    Courses available at the Rockingham campus
    The following course is available at the Rockingham campus:
    • Ontrack (enabling course)
    For further information use the Course Search function.

    Commonwealth supported places
    If you're an Australian Citizen or a New Zealand citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident and are offered a place at Murdoch University you'll be offered a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and if you're an Australian citizen or the holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa you are eligible to access the deferred payment loan scheme (HECS-HELP). If you're currently a Permanent Resident and during your enrolment you become an Australian citizen you may then access HECS-HELP.
  • Additional information to be provided by applicants For Veterinary Science

    Applicants who are applying for Veterinary Science in the non-school leaver category (MUSVV) must provide further documentation to support their application for assessment by the School. Please note those applying for entry via the school leaver category will only be selected based on their raw ATAR score and achieving English competency.

    This documentation includes:
    • academic transcripts from previous and/or current tertiary studies (or school study for International school applicants)
    • a 500 word typed and signed personal statement which should outline:
      • why you want to become a Veterinarian
      • how you consider your past study and experience to date will assist you to succeed in the veterinary course, and as a Veterinarian. If you have any fails/late withdrawals in your post-secondary/tertiary study, you should explain the circumstances for your poor performance and why those circumstances will not apply to your Murdoch studies. You should aim to demonstrate your motivation and preparation for veterinary science.
      • evidence of recent, relevant, refereed animal-related experience, such as work experience with veterinarians.
    • Curriculum Vitae and professional, animal-related written references
    Assessment of the application will be based on the academic standard achieved in all previous tertiary study, the personal statement, and evidence of recent veterinary and related experience. The point of entry in the veterinary course will be determined based on units completed; completion of all of the general science first year will allow entry directly into the veterinary specific part of the course.

  • Further enquiries

    Contact the Meet Murdoch team on:

    Telephone: 1300 687 3624
    Online queries:

    CRICOS Provider Code: 00125J