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  • Introduction

    You are the new generation of ethical leaders. Navigate your future with an ethical education.

    At The University of Notre Dame Australia, we're shaping a new generation of ethical leaders through our unique holistic approach to education.

    We offer an integrative and transformative educational experience that combines theoretical knowledge and hands-on professional experience relevant to your chosen field so that you graduate work-ready. We will help you navigate your pathway for University study and support you along your journey, empowering you to make a difference by immersing you in an intellectual tradition that has inspired the world's best thinkers for centuries.

    Our lecturers are industry professionals and leaders in their field, who are here to guide you to reach your academic potential. Our programs offer practical, career-focused learning, as well as a strong foundation in ethics to help prepare you to achieve your personal and professional goals. These are just some of the reasons why we are the number one university in Australia for Overall Satisfaction and Skills Scale (QILT 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey, undergraduate category). In addition, why Notre Dame is the number one university in Western Australia for Skills Development (QILT 2020 Student Experience Survey undergraduate and postgraduate coursework categories) and Learner Engagement (QILT 2020 Student Experience Survey undergraduate category).

    Located within the historic West End of Fremantle, the campus is nestled amongst cafes, restaurants and bars in the cultural, arts and music precinct. Our Fremantle campus is a welcoming social hub set alongside beautiful Bathers Beach and Esplanade Park, just 30 minutes from Perth city. The campus boasts a recently refurbished, architecturally-designed student hall, as well as purpose-built laboratory and gym facilities for our Health Sciences, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Medicine students. Our Law students also benefit from taking classes in the Justice Owen Moot Court – Fremantle's oldest courthouse, which has been refurbished for student use. Notre Dame is a national university with 12,000 students across three campuses in Fremantle, Broome and Sydney.

    Notre Dame's admissions process goes beyond a single score which, like the Notre Dame study experience, is focused on the whole person. We consider your:
    • academic record
    • personal qualities
    • gifts and talents
    • motivation to study
    • contribution to community life
  • Admission criteria

    Notre Dame's admission process is multifaceted and considers each applicant on an individual basis. While each program has academic entry requirements the University also considers the whole person, as we recognise it requires more than academic excellence to succeed in your chosen profession.

    We consider your:
    • academic record
    • personal qualities and motivation to study
    • contributions to community life

    Academic requirements

    Secondary education
    Applicants who have completed the WACE (ATAR stream), an interstate equivalent, or the IB are eligible to apply for undergraduate degrees at Notre Dame. Entry is based on your Selection Rank (your ATAR and relevant adjustment factors). Non-ATAR WACE students are eligible to apply for the Tertiary Pathway Program (TPP).

    Applicants who have completed Steiner, Montessori or home school curriculums are not eligible for direct entry into undergraduate degrees. They may undertake the TPP or sit a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) to gain entry to a number of programs at Notre Dame.

    Higher education requirements
    To be considered for entry to Notre Dame, applicants with previous higher education experience (excluding pathway programs) must have completed a minimum of six months study and passed at least two subjects. Some disciplines require more than this. Please refer to Notre Dame's for further details.

    Vocational education and training (VET) study
    VET qualifications are accepted for most undergraduate degrees at Notre Dame. Applicants will generally need a minimum Certificate IV or Diploma to gain entry into a degree.

    Please refer to Notre Dame's for further details.

    Applicants with a Certificate IV qualification who are seeking entry into programs in WA will also need to demonstrate that they meet the English language requirements of the University. This can be demonstrated by the successful completion of an ATAR-level English subject (with a grade of 50 or higher), or completion of a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).

    Special Tertiary Admissions Test
    Applicants who do not meet entry requirements may gain admission to a range of degrees at Notre Dame through completion of a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).

    Applicants must complete both the written English and multiple-choice sections. Please refer to Notre Dame's for further details. Please note, a STAT is not an accepted pathway for entry into Physiotherapy degrees.

    English Language proficiency requirements

    The University of Notre Dame Australia requires all applicants, both domestic and international, to achieve minimum academic and English language proficiency. This ensures that applicants are sufficiently competent in the English language to participate effectively in their chosen program and achieve the expected program outcomes.

    Applicants can demonstrate their English language proficiency via
    • previous secondary or tertiary study in English or where English was a subject; or
    • completion of an English language test (IELTS, TOEFL etc.)

    Please see Notre Dame's English language proficiency requirements page for further information.

    Minimum age requirements
    If you are a domestic student you are required to be 17 years or age or older or have completed Year 12 (or equivalent) at the time of enrolment at Notre Dame. If you are an international student requiring a visa to study in Australia, you must be 18 years of age at the time of enrolment at Notre Dame.

    Exceptions to the minimum age requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis and, if granted, restrictions on enrolment may be imposed.

    Specific program requirements
    Some programs have specific requirements such as evidence of registration, practice licences or specific industry or professional experience. These requirements can be found in the relevant Program pages on our website.
  • Adjustment factors

    At Notre Dame we value the whole person and offer a range of adjustment factors which are applied to an applicant's ATAR to provide a selection rank for admission.

    Applicants can receive up to 5 adjustment factors (points) from each of the below categories, to a maximum of 10 in total.

    Individual factors
    At Notre Dame, we consider the whole person and recognise non-academic achievements. In your application you will be invited to provide details of your personal qualities, work and life experience and contribution to community life which will be considered as part of the admissions process. Dependent on the level of your contributions, you can be awarded between 1 and 5 adjustment factor points.

    If you are applying for a course at Notre Dame through TISC, you need to upload an Individual Factors Form as a general document with your TISC application.

    Equity adjustments
    Students who have experienced significant educational or other disadvantage due to circumstances beyond their control may qualify for equity adjustments. You will need to complete an application and provide supporting documentation to be considered. You can be awarded between 1 and 5 adjustment factor points, depending on the level and/or severity of disadvantage experienced. This can be processed centrally through TISC via their Educational Access Scheme (EAS).

    Elite athletes and Artistic performers
    Athletes who compete at – and performers who have had success at – a state, national or international level may be eligible for 5 adjustment factor points.

    If you are an applicant who falls under this category, you must clearly indicate (via the Individual Factors form) and provide evidence (by uploading supporting documentation) that you are an elite athlete or performer at the time of your application, in order to have adjustment factor points applied.

    University priority groups
    Notre Dame recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, along with Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel, as priority groups who may be eligible for 5 adjustment factor points as part of their application.

    Points will be applied automatically for applicants who indicate that they identify as part of these priority groups.

    Subject performance
    Current and recent school leavers who achieve outstanding results in school subjects which are relevant to their chosen program at Notre Dame will receive either 2, 3 or 5 adjustment factor points, depending on the level of results achieved. These will be applied automatically.

    For a list of the school subjects considered, along with the results and their respective adjustment points across different Notre Dame disciplines, visit

    Location adjustments
    Current and recent school leavers who live, or have attended school, in designated areas may be eligible for location-based adjustment factors.

    Adjustment points will be applied to the following:
    • if the area you live in or attended school in is classified as being of socioeconomic or socio-educational disadvantage
    • if you attended a school in an area classified as rural or regional.
  • Entry pathway

    At Notre Dame we know tht you're a person, not a number. That's why our unique admissions process goes beyond a single score. We are more interested in the person behind the result. So if you are looking to study at the University there are a number of entry pathways available to you.

    Tertiary Pathway Program
    Notre Dame's Tertiary Pathway Program (TPP) is designed for students who have not met the requirements for entry into the University's undergraduate degree programs. Following successful completion of the TPP, students may gain entry to undergraduate studies in the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, School of Health Sciences, School of Nursing and Midwifery and School of Philosophy and Theology.

    Young Achiever's Early Offer Program
    Year 12 students can apply direct to Notre Dame's Young Achiever's Early Offer Program and receive an offer prior to sitting their final exams. Applications open 4 April and close 30 September 2022. Offers will be made as early as July. Visit the Notre Dame website for more information, or call the University on (08) 9433 0533.
  • Past and current students of The University of Notre Dame

    Apply directly to Notre Dame if you are currently enrolled at Notre Dame, or have been in the past.
  • Fees

    Notre Dame recently became a Table A University, which means all Australian domestic undergraduate students will now have access to Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP), reducing the amount they pay. Fees will still vary depending on your citizenship status, area and level of study. See on our website.
  • Scholarships

    Notre Dame offers a range of scholarship programs for students.

    Funded by the University, industry, individuals and non-profit organisations, scholarships are available to prospective and current students. While the selection criteria vary for each scholarship, community involvement and leadership roles, as well as academic performance and financial hardship, are considered as part of the application process.
  • Further information

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