Curtin University Information

  • Introduction

    Curtin is a vibrant, future-focused university ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world. It's a place where ideas and cultures combine to create a place of enthusiasm, endeavour and achievement.

    We're widely recognised for the practical and applied nature of our courses, which are designed in close collaboration with industry experts to ensure you graduate with the skills and knowledge employers are looking for.

    Through your study, you'll be introduced to professional settings through internships, field trips and high-tech simulations. This experience means you'll be ready for the workplace immediately after graduation.

    We offer career planning services to identify further study or career options, while our Global Careers service can connect you with employers around the world.

    Curtin also offers a range of programs, services and events that allow you to make the most of your time at university. Market days, multicultural week and the Guild Ball are just a few of the amazing events on campus hosted by Curtin's Student Guild - a group of students chosen to represent and advocate your needs throughout the year.

    Health and wellbeing services include a physiotherapy clinic, and a medical centre where you can see a doctor, occupational therapist, psychologist, counsellor or social worker.

    Curtin also has a childcare centre, a gym, a variety of cafes and a tavern.
  • Scholarships

    Scholarships offer financial, academic and career support, giving you more opportunities to gain new skills, expand your horizons and add to your portfolio of achievements.

    Scholarships are not loans - the money is given to you provided you fulfil key requirements such as academic performance, work experience or volunteer commitments.

    There are many scholarships available. Some are offered for academic achievements, such as the Curtin Excellence Scholarship, while others are designed to make university possible for students who face financial hardship. See
  • Our locations

    Our largest campus, Curtin Perth, is located in the suburb of Bentley, about six kilometres south-east of central Perth.

    In close proximity to everything Perth has to offer, it boasts 116 hectares of bold architecture nestled amongst beautifully landscaped gardens. Thousands of students fill the campus grounds every day of semester, creating a vibrant, multicultural atmosphere.
  • Admission criteria

    General admission criteria:
    Course specific criteria:
    • Some courses require an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) above 70;
    • Any course prerequisites and other essential requirements for a particular course (refer to course search)

    Applicants with a completed AQF Certificate IV qualification, along with evidence of satisfying Curtin University's English language proficiency requirements, will meet the general admission criteria. For current Year 12 applicants also need to meet WACE requirements. Please check the University Admission 2024 for more information.

    There are a number of ways you can satisfy admission criteria. The University reserves the right to determine the appropriate equivalence. Although you may be eligible for admission to the University, this doesn't guarantee a place, particularly in courses for which there's competition for the number of places available.

    English language proficiency
    You must satisfy the University's English Language Proficiency for admission to Curtin University. You can demonstrate English Language Proficiency by achieving a scaled score of at least 50 in one of the following WACE courses: English ATAR, Literature ATAR or English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EALD) ATAR (for eligible students).

    Some courses have specific English requirements. Visit for details.

    For details of approved English proficiency tests visit

    For further information on English Language Proficiency, please contact the Admissions Office at or on 1300 222 888.

    Non-school leaver applicants
    If you didn't complete your secondary education, there may be other pathways for entry, such as a completed Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma from a Registered Training Organisation.

    If you have completed AQF Certificate IV level qualifications, you must also satisfy English Language Proficiency. Please refer to English Language Proficiency section above.

    If you have technical and post-secondary qualifications and are unsure of your eligibility, contact the Admissions Office at or on 1300 222 888.

    For pathway information visit Pathways to university.

    Mature age WACE requirement for Medicine
    Mature age applicants who wish to apply to study the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery are advised that they are required to study four WACE ATAR courses to be eligible. Applicants applying on the basis of fewer than four courses will not be considered for this course. It is also important to note that mature age applicants should not possess a tertiary record if they're looking to apply by completing four ATAR courses. For further information, please visit the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery application requirements webpage.

    Overseas-qualified applicants
    If you have completed or currently completing overseas qualifications, please visit the webpage for information. For further information, please contact the Admissions Office at or on 1300 222 888.
  • Admission pathway courses

    Curtin offers bridging programs to selected students who don't satisfy admission criteria for chosen courses. Check your eligibility for these courses, and make sure the course will allow you to continue into the undergraduate degree of your choice.

    UniReady enabling program
    The UniReady Enabling Program aims to develop independent learning skills in preparation for university-level study. It's a bridging course that helps you meet Curtin's minimum admission requirements for a range of health*, humanities, business, science and engineering* courses.

    *Not direct access to all courses. Please visit for details. Applicants may be required to complete extra documentation. You must be over the compulsory school age as defined by the Western Australian School Education Act 1999 in the year you want to study in the UniReady Enabling Program. For further information, or on 08 9266 7632.

    Indigenous enabling courses
    Applications for the following courses are made directly to Curtin University. For further information visit or contact the Centre for Aboriginal Studies Student Services at or on (08) 9266 7091 or 1300 052 732.
    • Indigenous Tertiary Enabling Course (ITEC)
      The Centre for Aboriginal Studies offers the ITEC, which is an enabling course designed to bridge Indigenous students into undergraduate degree programs. The broad aims of the course are to develop the knowledge and competencies required by Indigenous people to access and complete undergraduate degree programs.
    • Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Science Enabling Course
      The Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences Enabling Course is designed to provide an alternate pre-entry pathway for Indigenous students into undergraduate courses within the Faculty of Health Sciences including Medicine. The course aims to give students the skills and confidence to pursue higher education in the fields of medicine and health sciences in a culturally appropriate environment.
    • Indigenous Pre-Business and Law Enabling Course
      The Indigenous Pre Business and Law Enabling Course provides Australian Indigenous students with an alternative entry pathway into Law and Business related undergraduate degrees in the Faculty of Business and Law. Students of this course are given the opportunity to study in a culturally appropriate environment in which they are able to gain the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in higher education in the fields of business and law.
    • Indigenous Pre-Science and Engineering Enabling Course
      The Indigenous Pre-Science and Engineering Enabling Course is designed to provide Indigenous Australian students the fundamentals of education in the Science and Engineering field with an introduction to Science (STEM) subject areas. Successful completion of this course with an ATAR Equivalence entry score and career pathway counselling, will provide a strong foundation for students to articulate into a Multidisciplinary Science or another nominated undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
  • Portfolio Entry into selected courses

    Alternative entry is available for selected courses for those who can demonstrate equivalence to Curtin's ATAR entry through the submission of a portfolio. Applicants are required to provide a complete Portfolio in addition to applying through TISC. Please note that an interview may be required as part of the application process. If you are a school leaver, please prepare your supporting documentation before the end of the school year to ensure you have the required documents. In particular, letters of support can be harder to obtain after the school year has concluded. For further information about the portfolio requirements and application process, please visit See the Course Search facility for courses which are available for portfolio entry.
  • Special consideration

    Curtin recognises that preparation for tertiary study isn't always smooth. Special consideration is a scheme for applicants whose educational achievements have been compromised or disadvantaged by external factors. Applicants applying for this scheme will have these factors considered as part of their application. Please visit for more details. TISC applicants will be able to apply for special consideration through the Educational Access Scheme (EAS).
  • StepUp to Curtin

    StepUp to Curtin is one of many equity initiatives at Curtin that work towards breaking down the barriers to higher education.

    Not everyone has the same opportunities to achieve their true academic potential. You may have the ability to succeed at university but have not had the educational, financial or social opportunities to focus on your studies and achieve a high enough Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for entry. That's where StepUp can help.

    StepUp to Curtin is a collaboration of two alternative access schemes, StepUp Entry and StepUp Equity Adjustment Admission Pathway (StepUp Bonus). Both schemes are for domestic applicants who are applying to Curtin University based on their ATAR from Australian Year 12, and grant an adjustment factor of additional ATAR points making applicants eligible to be considered for admission into Curtin undergraduate courses.

    Successful StepUp Entry and StepUp Equity Adjustment Admission Pathway (StepUp Bonus) applicants will be eligible to be considered for admission into courses at Curtin University, in courses with no prerequisites or where prerequisite requirements have been met.

    Please visit for more details and the eligibility criteria for StepUp Entry and StepUp Equity Adjustment Admission Pathway (StepUp Bonus). If you have any queries, please contact the Admissions Office on 1300 222 888 or email
  • Past and current students of Curtin University (including WAIT and WASM)

    Apply through TISC if you:
    • Want to apply for Medicine at Curtin; or
    • Are a student who has an incomplete diploma or is not intending to complete a diploma with Curtin College formerly Curtin International College (CIC); or
    • Are a current year 12 student enrolled in the UniReady in Schools program.

    All other applicants should apply directly to Curtin University. You must apply directly to Curtin University (that is, your TISC application will be cancelled) for all courses except Medicine if you:
    • Are a current Curtin student seeking to course-switch into another course; or
    • Are a past Curtin student who has previously been awarded a grade/mark or have withdrawn unit(s) after census date; or
    • Are a student completing or who has previously completed a Stage 2 Diploma with Curtin College - formerly Curtin International College (CIC); or
    • Are a student who has previously been awarded a grade/mark or has withdrawn unit(s) after the census date in one of the Enabling Programs offered by Curtin University and is now seeking admission into an undergraduate degree course; or
    • Have been/are enrolled in Not For Degree Study (formerly known as Curtin Extension) and are now seeking admission to an undergraduate degree course; or
    • Are a student who has completed previous studies at Curtin College of Higher Education or VTEC; or
    • Are a student who is seeking enrolment into Cross-Institutional units; or
    • Are applying for mid-year entry; or
    • Have been awarded a grade, mark or withdrawn record, or are currently enrolled in Curtin Unit(s) via Open Universities Australia (formerly Open Learning Australia), and are now seeking admission into an undergraduate degree course.

    If you deferred your offer in 2023 and now wish to commence your studies in your deferred course in 2024, please note you will receive an email from the Curtin Admissions Office with information on how to take up your deferred place. You are not required to apply for the deferred course. If you deferred your offer in 2023 and wish to study a different Curtin course in 2024, apply directly to Curtin University.
  • General Information

    Deferring your studies
    If you have received a TISC offer, you can defer your studies in the offered course for a period of twelve months.

    If the course you wish to defer has a mid-year intake and availability for students to return to their course after six months, you will receive an email from Curtin University by May regarding your deferred place. Otherwise you will be contacted by September. A place of study in the same course will only be guaranteed for the following twelve months.

    External and online studies
    Some Curtin courses are delivered either partially or fully online. In these courses, your resources are available online and you learn using a variety of sources that can include interactive videos and animations, simulations, online workgroups, etc. You need to have internet access for Online Studies. Online Studies courses are indicated on the individual course entries available via the Course Search function.

    For further information regarding availability of external courses, please see the Curtin Course Handbook.

    Screening for clinical health sciences
    If you are a student in a course that includes supervised practice (including research) in a clinical setting, you are required to undergo screening for, and vaccination against, a range of infectious diseases before beginning the placement. For specific details relating to these requirements, see

    Criminal record screening is also necessary and, where relevant the Working with Children Checks.

    Fees and charges
    Visit the Fees@curtin website, telephone 1300 222 888, or Webform:

    Application for credit transfer through Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL)
    At Curtin, you can apply for advanced standing (Credit for Recognised Learning) based on certain previous studies at Tertiary level (completed Diploma level or above) through a recognised institution, or other equivalent professional qualifications and/or experience. The amount of advanced standing awarded is dependent on factors such as the structure of individual courses, major selection (if applicable), and the requirements for students to complete a sufficient number of units to warrant the conferral of a Curtin University award. Applications are dealt with on a case-by-case basis after an offer has been made. Please visit Future Students for details. For further information, contact the Admissions office at or on 1300 222 888.

    See Advanced standing/credit transfer.

    When you study at Curtin there are many student accommodation options to consider. Curtin's Housing Advisory Service team have decades of experience and can help you explore a variety of options to suit your personal circumstance. Living on campus is convenient, safe and best of all you become part of a community of students from all over the world. See

    Student guild
    Information about the Curtin Student Guild will be available at the time of enrolment. When you enrol at Curtin, you automatically become a member of the Guild, which provides a range of very useful support services to students and is involved in organising many social, sporting and club-based activities at our campuses.

    For further information, visit Building 106F, Curtin Perth campus (Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm) or contact the Student Guild or (08) 9266 2900, country callers 1800 063 865.

    Student Experience
    Please visit for detailed information on what it's like to study at Curtin.
  • Further information

    Curtin Connect is the hub for student service, support and advice at Curtin. Curtin Connect is also the main point of contact for any information related to your offer during the TISC offer round.

    Telephone: 1300 222 888
    Telephone Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm (Tuesday from 9.30am)

    CRICOS Provider Code: 00301J