ATARs and Ranks

  • Guaranteed ATARs

    Guaranteed ATARs/Selection Ranks have been provided by the universities for most of their courses. If you achieve the Guaranteed ATAR/Selection Rank for a course, you are guaranteed acceptance into that course, provided you also achieve WACE, English Competency and a scaled score of 50 or more in the ATAR course prerequisites listed for the university course. Remember, though, that the actual offer you receive will depend on your preference order. Some courses have no Guaranteed ATAR/Selection Rank listed, as they use extra admission criteria (such as UCAT, audition, interview, etc) and/or have a strictly limited number of places available.

  • Minimum ATARs

    Minimum ATARs/Selection Ranks have been provided by the universities for most of their courses. Minimum ATAR/Selection Ranks show you the rank needed to be considered for entry to a course. However, obtaining these ranks is not a guarantee of being selected for a place in these courses. Some courses will have N/A for the minimum ATAR/Selection Rank, where an ATAR is not applicable due to emphasis on other eligibility criteria.

  • What is a Selection rank?

    For most courses, Year 12 students will be selected for admission to university on the basis of their ATAR (for IB students, a conversion to a Combined Rank or Selection Rank). However, some universities assign WACE students who are eligible for other entry pathways a Selection Rank that's higher than their ATAR. For these students, selection into courses is based on this enhanced Selection Rank assigned by the university concerned.

    Eligibility for the entry pathways is based on specified criteria. International WACE students are not eligible for these pathways. TISC advises eligible WACE students at the time of the WACE results/ATAR release in December, via the Universities Admission Advice Letter (UAAL). The appropriate Selection Rank is automatically applied for offer rounds. The following pathways provide enhanced ATARs for eligible WACE students, Curtin University's StepUp Entry Pathway, ECU's ECU Access Pathway, Murdoch University's RISE Pathway, and UWA's Broadway UWA Pathway. For further details about any of these pathways, see the individual university section and University Access Pathways.

    • Lowest Offered Ranks

      Lowest Offered ranks give you guidance as to the rank needed to be competitive for entry to particular courses. Lowest Offered ranks are determined by the supply of places available and the demand from applicants for a course, and can therefore vary from one year to another. Minimum or Guaranteed ATARs tend to be more stable and are a more useful guide to whether you will be eligible for a course.

Remember that there are additional requirements you must meet to receive an offer for courses, so check the information on Entry requirements or the Course Search information for your chosen course to make sure you've got everything covered.